The Journey Begins

131122-074929This is my newest blog and it is going to be about fitness. For those of you that do not know me I am Brie Stoll, former fatty… sort of …  I think I should tell you my story, as it pertains to weight. If you want my whole story please see my writer blog

Here we go;

I have always been two things; cute and chubby. Both at the same time and singularly one or the other. Being cute and chubby is a strange place sometimes because it means that no one really knows how to engage you. There is now a plus size movement with notable plus sized celebrities and full figures… should we call them activists? OK, activists that tout that skinny is not the only way to be BUT I have been around long enough to remember the massive quake that was Anna Nicole in playboy at a whopping size 12 the publication felt the need to do a press conference that expressed how ” large” the new playmate was. I at the time was about a size 18 and did I love that she was in the magazine , honestly yes. Not that my body and her’s had any bit of a resemblance! She was this amazingly tight size 12, I was frankly a little butterball. Still that one of “my kind” was allowed in the boys room of Playboy Magazine made me feel, less like a cultural pariah.


I say that but truly I have never had a problem with men, unless you count having too many in my life. I am one of those women , luckily or unluckily, that men are drawn too. It might be me , my sweetness, my vulnerability , my breasts or it could be the voodoo I performed when I was 15. Who knows. I just have always turned heads, my weight fluctuation only changes WHICH men I attract. Still there are times when I wished that I was represented in the media. A young woman that was not a size 0. They gave us Rosanne Barr. That was all. I think about it and the first time I ever saw Sarah Rue ( who played a young Roseanne Barr actually) I was so excited by her. She was playing a cute girl, this was years and years before Almost Perfect , when she was in a show called Grand ( one of many shows that prove if a show has ANY type real quality it will be squashed by the philistines, 99 times out of a 100) and she had a cute boyfriend and everything. It was one of those moments that just made me happy. Then they cancelled it after one season. BITCHES!

Now, I have been thinner than a size 18 , and I have been slightly bigger than that as well . My body seems to stop at a 20 though, I have never been bigger than that. I have been as small a size 4 as well. well… size 4 maybe. I have a pair of pants that are a size 4 but I honestly think we should call this a size 6. So , OK , I have been as small as a size 6. I am right now a size 8 and I think I hate it. It’s a weird size. the women that are a size 8 are called in Hollywood “chubby” ( Mindy Kaling, Margret Cho at one point) or womanly (Kate Winslet) which is PC for matronly , and fat ( Jennifer Lawrence, Tyra Banks). Calling someone who is actually fat, fat is considered mean but if you are normal sized then the fat word starts getting bandied about! At 270 lbs people would say I was ” big” but never fat. Then I lost 100 lbs and now , yep.

Kate Winslet at the 2006 Toronto International...

Kate Winslet at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kate Winslet in age makeup as the 66-year-old ...

Kate Winslet in age makeup as the 66-year-old Hanna in the latter half of the film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tyra Banks at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.

Tyra Banks at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being honest with myself I want to be tighter. smaller is not necessary really but tighter, hell yes. I want to retire my shapers. I want to wear yoga pants with nothing under them and feel sexy. So that is why I am starting this blog. To help my new kind. Not the Plus sized women. they have a voice. and not the fit fab women . Screw them , they have it too good anyway ( sorry, I’m a little bitter). The average women. Those of us with pouchy tums. Those of us with big thighs that

will always be big. Those of us who can be in size 4 jeans (again I think it is a vanity size but still) and have “lunch lady” arms! I could talk about my arms for a month BTW. Genetically unfair!  Those women , like me , who get to be a “fat” size 8.

I will talk about weight, fads, food , and workouts. I welcome anyone that wants to have me try something out so they can get a review of it to give me a shou


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