Gimmicky Gadgets

So … you are up late one night , watching a Supernatural Marathon because Jensen Ackles is just too delicious and  you run across the latest in High ( or Low) tech gadgetry to help you finally and quickly reveal the abs that you know you have , somewhere.

I will be dedicating some of my time and a reasonable amount of my money to trying out things like; shake weights, ab rollers and the midriff blast-o-matic (I hope to god I made that one up!), so that we as a community can get a good idea of if they are as good as they claim or if they are simply banking on the fact that no one wants to be the fat girl that returned the barely used ab-lounger.

Please , send any ideas you may have .

I know … Jensen was just mentioned briefly , but what can I say… why wouldn’t you want a picture of him attached to your post?

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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