Challenges -30/60/90 days

Power 90… 90 days to the best body of your life
Insanity … 60 days to a years worth of results

30 day squat challenge … change your shape in 30 days

Have you seen these? No… oh you don’t live in this world then? Well, welcome or in your native language yI’el. For the rest of us these are the taunting and often daunting promises of beach bodies yet to come.

Every time you are up too late or waiting in some waiting room these come on and some chick who used to be 210 lbs heavier tells about the “journey” and how if they can do it you can do it.

My greedy little eyes take in the newly formed six pack of the woman and begin to dream of slow slung jeans and tucked in shirts. Of having those thighs that look toned even in yoga pants ( am I thoroughly obsessed with that image, yes) and of finally wearing a bathing suit with no cover up , at all!

Woman's one-piece bathing suit, c.1920

Woman’s one-piece bathing suit, c.1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No one is honest in those infomercials. They talk briefly about how hard it was, but no one tells you how it felt. Did it hurt. Did you finish it the first time or did you get 8 minutes in , have a spasm and go eat a cake? be honest with me!

I think that it is time one of us ” I want to be fit but I equally

want to eat this cookie” girls really tell it from our perspective. I begin  Monday with “The Thirty Day Squat Challenge”.



swimsuit (Photo credit: ilyoungko)


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