Friday sidebar ; feminism

This month I have seen a lot of things about feminism both pro and con. I have seen people villainizing women for saying that they aren’t feminists and villainizing women for saying that they are.
I would imagine that one of the more difficult things about being a woman of power in Hollywood it is people wanting you to fit in a box. Take for instance Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston is one of those people that the world of the Internet and celebrity Watchers has deemed victim. Every cover you see Jennifer Aniston on she is portrayed as this woman who is desperately trying to build a family, find a man, and generally getting over this terrible break up that shattered her life. And anytime that she says anything to the contrary people get downright ugly. I was reading today about how she isn’t sure what she wants she doesn’t feel like feminism should be this hard and if she decides she doesn’t want to continue to be pressured or judged on the fact that she doesn’t have children. And then you go down to the comments and oh my god, the world is not happy with her declaration that it is OK to be childless. On the other side of that there is Kelly Cuoco who was villainized as well this week for saying that she is not that feminist.  In a magazine article she expressed that she enjoys being a traditional woman with her significant other and that she has never been that big of a feminist anyway. And oh my god once again the comments blew up.
But here is the problem with all of these things be it Jennifer Aniston,  Kaley Cuoco,  Angelina Jolie or any other female the fact of the matter is that however you see yourself and the role of feminism is yours to see. I am often distressed by the amount of women that attack other women for differing views. Let’s take the case of Jennifer Aniston vs Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston has been deemed victim and is only allowed to live in that role. I read the comments today about how they used to feel sorry for her and now that she’s making some big stand she’s just bitter. What I’m reading is I’ve decided that you are and telling me you’re not sad and that I can’t be superior to you in that way is making me angry. On the other side Angelina Jolie has been deemed a villain for stealing a man. So Jenny is a poor little lamb,  Angie is a she devil and what is the opinion of the only person in this that actually cheated. Oh yeah ,that’s Brad , we love Brad.  That in a nutshell is nutshell, is that I have with all of this arguing back and forth about feminism and everything else that has to do with women. We act as if women are supposed to have everything figured out, be sexy, smart, and never ending light and if and when they stray from that they are monsters. Men on the other side are always shielded by boys will be boys.
I am a feminist, I am a female, I am a mother, I am a woman, I am flawed and I am fallible , because a, I want people to pay attention to this, just like my non decumbent urinator counterparts I’m human. Feminism shouldn’t be this hard on women. It is not a choice between being a mother or career womana career womana choice between being A modern woman and a doormat. It is not a choice between being girly or being feminist. I am both. I have the ability. I think we need to redefine what it means to be a feminist. Feminism should mean I have the right to do what I want with my life. If that means I want you to be a stay at home mom that gets up in the morning and makes breakfast for her family and does not stretch yourself in any other way except to make a happy family,  that should be ok. If I decide to run a business and never have children and never get married that should be ok. If I decide to run a marathon, make the world’s best pancakes, be sexually free or decide that I am never having sex with a member of any gender, that should be ok! We have got to stop being these Mean Girls looking for ways to hurt each other and realize that feminism is just women being allowed to choose just like the boys.

One thought on “Friday sidebar ; feminism

  1. Seems toe that some people have too much time on their hands. Maybe more people need to mind their own Damm business and stop putting their cap on other people. Just because these women live in the public eye doesn’t give anyone the right to question or judge their life choices.

    These commenter need to just STFU and mind their own business.

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