All world is full of challenges. Both literal and metaphorical. And in my experience challenges weather real or imaginary are good for creating drama. I know what you’re thinking drama isn’t good, but I would counter with the argument that without drama you will not have change. When things are calm or stagnant we tend to fall into A rut. But when we have drama, something that makes us feel like we have to move, we usually rise to the challenge.
Sometimes in life we have to challenge ourselves, or create our own drama. Like we did when we were teenagers and nothing was wrong, but the world was ending. Back then we were great at creating drama. Everything was a crisis. Every day at school, every party that we were invited to you or not invited to, every day was filled to the brim with drama. And no matter how you look at your teenage years you have to admit that it was a time of great change. And thank God it’s over.
But sometimes, like when you are trying to make a great physical change you need to create some drama or to take on a challenge. There are several workout challenges in both app form and in online forums. The 30 day squat challenge, the 30 days AB challenge and the 30 day plank challenge are all very popular.
There is also an app called dietbet that’s has you put your money where your mouth is, almost literally. With debt you compete with other people for actual dollars. My pleasure anywhere from $5 to $50.00 and you are pooled with other people making a pot, sometimes very high into the thousands and split among the winners at the end of the challenge. Anywhere between 30 days and 6 months. That is definitely something to look into if you really want to motivate yourself into better shape and you are a money motivated type of person.
Whichever way you are motivated, bit through gamification or competition I say starting now you should definitely create some drama for yourself to help you push to that next level. Myself, I have decided to run a 5k in the spring and using the app called doublerun I have begun  a training program that should have me at least able to finish my first 5k by the end of March. I will keep everyone informed as to my progress as well as my results with the app.

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