Motivation to Move

Biggest obstacle to my fitness is motivation to move. I am NOT a huge eater, nor am I particularly into very bad for you food. And when I get in working out I am the master of inertia, once I’m, I will keep moving. But and this is a big butt, haha, I do have a problem when I stop. At first I can convince myself that I will to start again but i do allow small obstacles to get in my way.  I have decided to invest in a fitness tracker to help with that part of motivation. After several days of consideration and full disclosure finding out that I could not locate a Samsung gear fit due to the fact they were oversold during the holidays I chose to go with A jawbone up24. So the jawbone up24 , I am positive you are aware is a fitness tracker essentially. It measures your steps your food intake and your sleep habits. It is integratable with several different fitness apps and websites and so far is fairly functional. The newest round of fitness trackers of which the jawbone up24 is not one, also measure your heart rate. I am so far fairly pleased with this one. Although my walking in earnest begins next week this has given me an idea of how much I walk on a normal day, as well as including of inactivity monitor which you can set to remind you at varying intervals that you haven’t moved in certain amount of time. I have mine set at the lowest which is 15 minutes. I have it currently set also for standard goal of 8 hours of sleep and 10000 steps per day. I’m hoping to push this to you about 15,000 steps per day, but that is a blog for another day.

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