New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year’s  Eve. The time of year that those of us for whom the thigh  gap is a physical impossibility usually take to shame our self into new fitness goals. Well, how’s that been working out for you?
I do think this is an excellent time of year to reflect on your goals and what it is that you’d like to accomplish further. And making a new years resolution or several is absolutely fine as long as you do it in a positive and  life-affirming way. Look at your goals as further accomplishments you would like to achieve and don’t beat yourself up about anything that you have not  done yet.
I don’t remember if I ever told this story here, but I’ll relay it now even if I have. I lost a great deal of weight twice in my life. The first time was 2002 and I decided to treat myself with a gym membership. One day at the gym a girl came in, she was obese but I only noticed her because she was probably the saddest looking person I’ve ever seen in the gym. She looked completely like a fish out of water and further that she looked like she had been forced there at gunpoint. I didn’t think much of it and to be honest, I had a workout I was getting to. Now fast forward  an hour my class is done and I head to my car. In the parking lot I see the girl I’d seen earlier and she was crying as hard as I have ever seen anyone cry in my life. She was bawling like she had lost a part of herself. I to this day, wish I had walked over to that girl and said you can only start where you start. Because yes the women, many of them in the gym are amazingly fit. They have bodies that many of us could never attain. And part of that is just genetics. I am never going to be tiny and small busted. Not without the intervention of medicine, more specifically surgery. Can I have thinner  thighs, yes. But as evidence by Beyonce being a size 2 and still retaining her basic shape no matter what you will be you. And guess what, that is perfect. Comparison is the least positive things that you can do. Unless you’re looking at a new cell phone or shopping around for TV comparison is unnecessary. Do not compare yourself to anyone but yourself. It is fair to say I’d like to look like the best me, but be realistic about it. If you have never been a hundred and ten pounds, then there’s a good chance that you’re just not meant to be a hundred and ten pounds. Now if you’ve never been a hundred and ten pounds because you don’t move, or you’ve never said no to a meal, even if you weren’t even a little bit hungry then maybe its time to get to those goals. Realistic evaluation of your less than lovely habits is allowable. But even in that, make sure that what you’re talking about is a positive change. Instead of deciding all of the ugly things that you do, start off with some positive changes. Don’t think in I am never phrases. Such as I am never going to have bacon again. Then I am going to press. Such as I am going to have more fruit daily. I am going to walk at least 3 times a week around my neighborhood. I am going to try new things.
So, in conclusion, I would like to say that 2015 is a year of awesomeness a year for positivity and I would like to extend my wishes to all of you for the best most love, light, and joy filled year that you have ever enjoyed.

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