Monday’s Motivation : Hitting the arms

Oh I might have mentioned this , I hate my arms. That’s so unfair , but I really kind of do. My arms are my weak point. My mother is one of these women with thin arms , even when she was well into a size 20 she had thin arms. Me, well ,  no so much. My arms tend to gather fat. 

So  ofcourse I am always hitting the weights to really get into that anabolic work and get that lactic acid burning that arm fat … yeah … right! I should and damn it I love it when I do but this is again me being honest and expressing that my arms are so often ignored when I workout. Since I know that I am not the only woman that can not seem to get to the summer season and look at all the strapless dresses and think “DAMN!”  I wanted to pass on some of my anti-lunch lady arms workouts via YouTube 


Madonna – This Mama is well into her 50’s. 

Michelle Obama – political associates for or against you have to admit this woman does not have Mommy arms! 

Bat Wing Bye Bye –  A great no weight/light weight option. 





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