Monday’s Motivation : Hitting the arms

Oh I might have mentioned this , I hate my arms. That’s so unfair , but I really kind of do. My arms are my weak point. My mother is one of these women with thin arms , even when she was well into a size 20 she had thin arms. Me, well ,  no so much. My arms tend to gather fat. 

So  ofcourse I am always hitting the weights to really get into that anabolic work and get that lactic acid burning that arm fat … yeah … right! I should and damn it I love it when I do but this is again me being honest and expressing that my arms are so often ignored when I workout. Since I know that I am not the only woman that can not seem to get to the summer season and look at all the strapless dresses and think “DAMN!”  I wanted to pass on some of my anti-lunch lady arms workouts via YouTube 


Madonna – This Mama is well into her 50’s. 

Michelle Obama – political associates for or against you have to admit this woman does not have Mommy arms! 

Bat Wing Bye Bye –  A great no weight/light weight option. 





My New Great Love ; Tabata

There are days when 20 minutes of working out really feel like I can’t do it. I think it’s the warm up that sometime just knock me out, I mean I am already 80% not wanting to do it and you start me off with the least interesting kind of work. Yeah , no  sometime I get to ” Jog in place” and think , Fuck this, I’m just not motivated today. This is me being honest. Sometime 20 minutes is too much. 

Enter Tabata , The high intensity workouts ,each workout last four minutes and 20 seconds (with 10 seconds of rest in between each set). Yes, my fellow motivation impaired , a full workout in 4 minutes. Yeah , I can workout 4 minutes a day and be fit forever. NO. NO.. but I can get a full body workout in 4 lovely minutes.You can do it several times of day, or just use it to springboard your morning.If you are like me, that can help motivate you to keep going. Some research say adding the Tabata to your day can change your anaerobic/aerobic fitness

 You have to truly push yourself in those 4 minutes. You have to go all out for 20 seconds. ALL OUT, don’t sacrifice form but give yourself the full boom! For 20 seconds, push yourself as hard as you can . Then rest for 10 seconds until you complete eight sets.Lovely thing #2 , you choose the exercise.Love squats, do squats. The most important things are giving it your all and form. Not sure what to do here are some I like, Bex and Brad , just to give you an idea. 

This helps me when I just can NOT get the motivation going to push play on a 45 minute workout. Another bonus , if you do this first thing in the morning it is simple and easy , all done and buttoned up and tends to help you start off the day with the right idea. The better you start your day the better you tend to end it. Working out , for those of us that movement is not a first language, needs to become a habit and I think Tabatha is habit-forming.