Fresh Start ;clean eating

Good nutrition is important we all know that . We also all know where the closest McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and in my neck of the woods, Jack in the Box.
It is a challenge in today’s society to find or maintain clean eating. Probably one of my most difficult challenges not succumbing to impulsive, especially when it comes to eating. I am the type of person that definitely needs a plan, in order to get or maintain success. Because I am the type of person who will, in a pinch, eat garbage. Not literal garbage, well its never come to that, but nutritional garbage. Your standard Fast Food fare,  so I will attempt to make the smartest choice as possible in a fast food environment, there’s still that temptation.
So, clean eating is one of those things that simultaneously terrify me and fascinates me. But what is clean eating? Clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state or close to it as possible. Clean eating is not technically a diet although you can use it as a diet. Clean eating is more of a lifestyle choice, hence the terrifying. There is a part of me, she is a size 18 part of me, that is completely intimidated by the idea of not having pizza hut ever again. That’s my honesty, please dont judge me.

But clean eating does intrigue me, so I have done research on the standard rules of clean eating which are;
1. Eat five to six times a day, usually consisting of 3 meals and  3 snacks.
2. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day .
3. Avoid processed and refined foods , this will include white flour, sugar, bread and pasta.
4. Watch your portions.
5. Get your food in the most natural way possible, lean meats, or other lean
protein vegetables nuts beans legumes fruit and whole grains.

All that sounds pretty simple, and yes of course you can come up with some relatively decent foods to eat out of those lists but I think the intimidation for me comes with what and how do I continue to have a normal social life and eat clean?
Some easy on the go choices I’ve found in my research are smoothies, especially green smoothies that incorporate from your vegetables and fruits. Finding a good whole grain bread, not a wheat bread but a whole grain bread, and trying some sandwich recipes .Clean eating magazine online has some recipes that not only don’t look like they would choke me to death but actually look appetizing  and delicious.
So, here in my never ending quest for eternal youth and happiness, I have decided to turn to clean eating. I’m making this choice of my own free will. No seriously, I have decided to give myself a chance to truly detoxify my body and refocus away from weight loss and more to nutrition and health.
Please feel free to share with me any tips, web sites, or beginner mistakes that I can avoid.


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