To Gym or Not to Gym That is the question

In my ever present quest to battle the bulge I am deciding if I should get rid of my gym membership. It has not served me well. I really do not have time to go to the gym as often as I would like and as often as would make the expense of it worth my time . Easy aswer right , no to the gym…. Well.. wait .

I do love working out with weights and machines. I love it when I can get there . I really enjoy the action of gyms. I like my gym (24hr Fitness) for the ability to go anytime and all the locations here in Houston. So… what to do?

I have thought about getting a total gym , especially ever since Christie Brinkley turned 60 and looks like she is 30 , it has been on my mind! Would the home gym work?  What would make the one time expenditure of 3-400 dollars better than the 30 dollars a month for my membership?

So I want to know , to Gym or not to Gym . Would cancelling it be an admission of defeat?


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