Wait … what did I say ? Reminder to be Awesome!

English: Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond at the fil...

Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK … sometimes I get a little girl … wait ,no … sometime I act like a little girl . Better. Sometimes I say things about myself that when I look back I say ” wait a damn minute! I am not that bad” to myself. I notice last week I was in a high funk about my body issues. I was pretty hard on me . I decided to rectify that a little and say some other things. I am a generally positive person and I really do like myself. I think , sometimes , like the women that I love most ( Tina Fey, Mandy Kaling) I sometime purposely say the ugly things  about ourselves because constantly screaming ” I AM SO FUCKING AWESOME” tends to lose you friends. The problem with that is that sometime we look a little down on yourself or negative. So I decided to work  in a little bit of positivity in this post.  I am very cute , wait don’t leave. I gave you the whole “this is what I don’t like about me” post last week and so I am now going to tell you what I do like about me .

SO , I am very cute. I have a very pleasant face. round cheeks and round eyes make me look perpetually innocent and happy. Which also makes me fucking terrifying looking when angry but I digress. I have great boobs, by that I mean they are big and proportionally sized. They are also the last place I lose weight (those my stomach is much slower overall in reducing) and the first place I gain weight. I have long legs. I am short but I have great long legs, because of this I look taller than I am , and people accept me in crazy high heels and are ALWAYS surprised the first time they see me in flats ” you are so short? when did you become short?”.

Lastly, My body is wonderful. When I give it the right food and workout my body changes quickly and I begin to look and feel healthy so much faster than everyone else.

131202-073547I say these things because I want to remind you and everyone that while we have flaws , we are also awesome.  Our bodies are awesome, our minds are awesome and the fact that we try to make ourselves better , is awesome.

The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit (Photo credit: vonderauvisuals)

(BTW I do drop the occasional f-bomb . sorry but I write like I talk, if that bothers you , I apologize , kind of , but I will not stop. Feels real . )


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