Who put all these bones in my butt?

Weight Loss (novel)

Weight Loss (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as I have stated, probably ad nauseum, I have lost a lot of weight. The problem this week is my weight loss has slowed and changed which is fine because I am working out. But I feel like this is the body I’ve never had before. like all the things I’ve known about my body, the way it works, the way it reacts to things, and the way it looks are all different now. some of these things are positive, I can run more, I’m not as tired, and in some ways I look better. But not all of these things are positive, my face is thinner, but that makes me look a little older, my breasts are smaller but that makes my stomach look bigger. Where I use to feel chubby but firm I now feel skinnier but flabbier.
I’m just complaining, I’m working on it. I found a few things on Pinterest that are helping but I just had to say something today because I do feel like I’m stranger in my own body.

There have been times when I would sit down as I have always sat down , like someone basically pulled the pins in my knees but without  the extra added padding on my rear-end , I get a jarring and often painful jolt of bone to chair contact. It is shocking and weird. This is not the butt I am used to having.  This is me , but it is a stranger me, and a strang-er me.


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