What does “Honk” mean in dude?

Haha… Ok this one is for the fellas… But not how you think!  I have always had my share of attention from men . but during and alone my transformation from size 18 to size 8 sometimes 6 occasionally size 4 ( Thank You vanity sizes), I have noticed something. the level of attention has expectedly increased but the type of attention has changed. And not necessarily in a good way.

My dear fellows, can one of you please as a favor to me tell me what the hell is the honking and driving by about. I’m not always just a quick hoot, guys lean in to this obnoxiously blasting their horn at me. like I’m going to go running to their car. I know the honking at girls is a time honored tradition but from the girls perspective , it’s a little awkward.
While I appreciate attention, especially since I have lost so much weight. can you get together, men of the world, and find a new way to say

I think you’re really pretty. Or if I’m being honest, damn girl nice ass.


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