Does this RAGE make me look fat?

weight loss tracker week 2

weight loss tracker week 2 (Photo credit: The Shed1)


 My weight loss has been well documented . The fact of it,the quickness of it, and the unexpected personal changes. What was less expected, what was absolutely not expected, was either peoples change. I’m not talking about men and honking, I’m not talking about women and their mild jealousies, I’m talking about peoples openness and telling me I need to lose more weight.See, before when I was overweight, and extremely overweight people didn’t tell me I needed to lose weight. That is a taboo. But once you’re falling into that thin but not skinny category:  people  assume that you must desire to be skinny. They begin to offer up advice, unsolicited unwanted unnecessary god damn advice. first of all , I have lose weight so the ones that tell me how to lose make me want to slap them. Some people have openly told me that my way of losing weight WON’T work , don’t tell my ass that , random stranger , because she has no idea that the 10 dress sizes that we have shed are impossible!


I understand that there is a slight fascination with the whole ” before and after”  body and that some of the attention and information is just people being people but I think that it is similar to being pregnant. Some people act like pregnant bellies are community property. I can touch you, random pregnant woman, or tell you how “BIG” you are or marvel at your splendor. Even though I do not know you. same basic thing. Sometimes it’s fine . other times you just want to grab the offending hand and snap it the fuck off!  I get that, because sometime when confronted with an unsolicited comment  ” you should increase your cardio, the REST of your weight will just slide off” , I feel like kicking them, kicking them until my legs hurt. And counting it as my cardio!


Weight Loss Tip - Avoid Late Night Eating

Weight Loss Tip – Avoid Late Night Eating (Photo credit: UrbaneWomenMag)





One thought on “Does this RAGE make me look fat?

  1. ringossister77 says:

    It seems like nothing we do will ever be enough for society. Even when you lose weight, if you STILL don’t look like the expected image, it’s still won’t be enough. Honestly, sometimes I don’t think its about losing weight as much as it’s attaining an unrealistic image of what your body should look like.

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