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I had tried to do the  insanity workout. Now, I would like to not have my ass busted over the fact that I have complained that people are talking to me like I still need to lose weight. I tried  this work out specifically because I wanted to get firm. I actually suspected that I would gain a little weight because muscle weighs more than fat. And that’s fine… Because the numbers never meant anything to me. I just wanted to be able to wear shorts! I want to wear shorts, short sleeve shirts without cringing at the idea of lifting my arms!  what I want, in short is to look in clothes and out of clothes the same way! That is my total motivation not to try to become a size 0.
Okay, finally the reason behind me trying  the Insanity workout is I’m American, I don’t have any weights and I am  completely impatient.

It is so far an abysmal failure.  I could not get past week one with my first try , it is a hard workout. I know that they never claimed it was otherwise but seriously IT IS A HARD WORKOUT!  I could barely get through the fit test. Yes, the test that tells you where you are was too much!  sad .

I expect that I will try it again. Not yet…

My Stat’s from  Fit test



2 thoughts on “Am I CRAZY ?

  1. Not yet? Your body is a remarkable feat of nature, it is designed TO KICK ASS. It is designed to switch from “lazy” to “ACTIVE”, “weak” to “STRONG”, in a relatively short time. Our bodies work on multiple levels with various systems to ignite or reserve energy. ITS ALL ABOUT ENERGY. Utilize energy in a radical new way like the Insanity Workout, and your body will be shocked. What you experienced was your body being stunned, and if you had kept it up, it would have switch to a metabolic raging machine ready to obtain incredible anabolic gains. Your body is in the “reserving energy for survival” mode, now its time to just do the workout, and flip the switch on your body to the anabolic system. Good luck. I hope you give it a try!

  2. I do not want you thinking that I do not agree whole-heartedly with you about the body’s abilities. I just worry that I would be setting myself up for failure undertaking it right now. I can’t walk away from a challenge … It is postponed. 100% thanks for your words !

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