30 Day Plank Challenge Fitness Workout

English: Fighting Fitness is the ultimate 30 m...

English: Fighting Fitness is the ultimate 30 minute workout that combines MMA conditioning exercises and fight techniques. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This 30 day plank workout challenge has been designed as a great way to get fit and tone up your ab and core muscles.


The routine starts off with a 20 second plank on day one, and then progresses nice and slowly to ensure that you are not over worked, don’t injure yourself and learn how to do lunges in the correct way.


This is a very popular challenge and we love to hear your thoughts and comments so please share your experience via our forums.


This 30 Day Fitness Challenge can be completed at home or at the gym and only takes a couple of minutes each day to complete, but will give you great results in a short space of time.


The daily chart has been set up so that you only have to complete the number of exercises once per day, so on day one you do a 20 second plank hold, and day 2 you do another 20 second plank hold etc. If you think this is too easy and want to push yourself further than you can complete each days exercises as many times as you wish. However remember it will get harder as the month progresses, so don’t over do it.


30 Day Plank Challenge Fitness Workout Chart



The 30 Day Plank Challenge only has one exercise which you have to complete each month and you can get full detailed instructions on how to do the perfect plank via our exercise techniques page.





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